Why Is It Important To Create Quality Content?

Why It's Important To Create Quality Content

Creating content is an important step for gaining a reader’s trust and reputation online. There is, however, a difference between creating content just to add links to your domain, hoping it will improve your site’s search ranking and creating content with the reader in mind.

What is Quality Content? Quality content is simply content that is worth consuming. It is not just a congregate of keyword stuffing and common knowledge.

The consumer should never feel like their time was wasted. In that case, the content is hurting your brand and dental practice's online reputation.

Quality content is keyword guided, not driven. Tactics like “keyword stuffing” may help your website's search ranking, but it will severely hurt the quality of your content. This may translate to more web traffic, but it is sure to come with a high bounce rate. Quality content gets users to stay on your page, consume the content, and take away a solution to their problem.

Types Of Content

In addition to blogs, here are some popular types of digital content that can benefit users and increase site traffic.

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Reviews
  • Case Studies

There are many tactics you can use to engage your online audience, several of which are listed below for your convenience. For more information on how you can attract and retain potential patients through online marketing for dentists, feel free to reach out to Practice Maximization.

Understand The Audience

Content is keyword guided, but audience driven. Understand who is going to search for your dental practice and consume the content. It’s the user and their search that will dictate what medium of content should be used. Data heavy content can be presented in an easy to consume medium through the use of infographics. A “How-to” may be best demonstrated through a combination of video demonstration and written description. Remain flexible and diversify the types of content you are creating.

Create A Patient Persona

It can be difficult creating an understanding of exactly who is finding and consuming your content. Patient personalities or personas are a great way to develop that understanding. Be sure to take note of any qualities and characteristics that your current patients share or the types of patients you would like to attract to your practice.

Below are some characteristics to consider in making your personas:

  • Demographics: age, gender, education level, income level, occupation, religion, marital status, etc.
  • Psychographics: hobbies, lifestyle traits, things they value, fears, interests, fulfillments, etc.

Write up a short bio for the persona to help you get a better grasp of who they are. These characteristics shouldn’t be a random selection, but rather thought-out and best matching who consumes your content.

Keep Readers Engaged

Users will be more engaged with information they deem valuable. By basing your content off accurate patient personas, you will have a higher success rate of creating quality content for your audience.

Here are three things to keep in mind while creating quality content:

  • Mix up the content mediums you use
  • Make it easy to read and consume
  • Exceed expectations

Consistent quality content builds trust among users. More trust and a better reputation will equate to more shares and more visits to your website. Posting on a schedule benefits both the creator and the consumer. A schedule gives the creator a deadline and prevents ongoing procrastination. It also provides the consumer with a consistent expectation of when the next content will be published and available. Set a schedule and get creating.

All in all, you should always create web content with the consumer in mind. At Practice Maximization, we can help you strategize your online marketing so you can tap into profitable markets.

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