PPC & SEM for Dentists | Google Adwords

PPC & SEM For Dentists | Google Adwords

Want to attract potential patients to your dental website? We can get you in front of potential patients that are searching for your specific dental services in the geographical areas you provide them!

PPC (Pay per click) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), paid search engine placements — also known as “paid search,” “keyword bidding,” or “sponsored listings” — are considered a vital part of your dental practice internet marketing strategy.

Why SEM — PPC is effective for Dentists

Today, virtually all search engines offer a type of PPC in which to guarantee almost immediate visibility on their results pages. There are many different factors to consider in SEM — PPC management and what may once have been a somewhat simple, do-it-yourself form of online advertising has grown increasingly complicated. We use our experience with dental practices to make sure your SEM — PPC campaign is as cost effective as possible.

Typically, to do a SEM — PPC campaign yourself it would consume 15-30 hours a week to manage a campaign correctly. We take this time consuming process out of your hands so you can concentrate on running your dental practice. Practice Maximization PPC specialists are highly trained professionals with years of experience managing complex SEM & PPC advertising campaigns for Dentists.

Our Process

  • Analysis of your Website and Dental Practice Goals
  • Determine your SEM — PPC Objective
  • Determine your Budget
  • Set up all SEM — PPC Accounts
  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Writing Keyword Rich Ad Titles and Descriptions
  • Bid Management
  • Monitor and Evaluate all of your Ads
  • Weekly Campaign Progress Reports
  • Tweaking of Ads and Keywords
  • Ensure and monitor all ROI

Analysis of Your Website and Dental Practice Requirements

We do an in-depth analysis of your website and SEM — PPC needs. One of our expert SEM — PPC representatives will consult with you to determine your SEM — PPC needs and requirements. Based on our analysis and your input we will determine:

  • Target Markets
  • Competitors
  • Dental Practice Requirements
  • Budget

Determining Your SEM — PPC Objective

The objective of your SEM — PPC campaign will depend upon the dental services you promote through your Pay Per Click ads. Like every other form of advertising, the main objective of any campaign is ROI.

  • Monetary Conversion — How much does it cost to convert?
  • Regular Sign-ups — How much are you willing to spend?
  • Free Sign-ups — How many free sign-ups will it take to get a paying patient?
  • Information submissions — monetize the cost per- information form submitted.

Determining Your Budget

Depending upon your SEM — PPC campaign objective, and your financial resources, we will determine what type of campaign is best suited for your budget.

Setting up SEM — PPC Accounts

We currently manage and offer services for the top SEM — PPC search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask.Com. After our initial consultation we will determine which search engine is most appropriate for you. After we have determined the appropriate search engines, we will set up your accounts with them. Account username and passwords will be as per your request.

Keyword Research and Selection

Keyword phrases are the foundation for a successful SEM — PPC campaign. We do an extensive analysis of your website (and the dental services you offer), as well as your competitors' websites. It is imperative that we understand your patient’s mindset in order to come up with a list of effective keywords. We also use the SEM — PPC search engines keyword tools and other proprietary software. Based on analysis and research, we develop a comprehensive list of keywords. From this comprehensive list we select the best keywords.

Writing of Keyword Rich Ad Title and Descriptions

We create attention grabbing ad copy. However, we make sure that the ad titles and descriptions are relevant to your keywords, and to your website. All ad copy should reflect your site, your desired target market, and your dental practice’s goals.

SEM — PPC ads act like a gateway to attract the right patient to your site. If you have the right words in your title and description this will ensure you quality traffic and good ROI. However, if the ads are not specific enough, you will receive lots of irrelevant traffic and unnecessary clicks, thereby increasing your SEM — PPC expenditures and reducing your ROI.

SEM — PPC Bid Management

No two dental practices are exactly the same and the same holds true for SEM — PPC Bid Management. We have a highly skilled team ready to manage your bids and make sure you retain a top position through the use of lucrative keywords. We monitor your bid amount every day (and that of your competitors) to make the necessary changes accordingly. We will not only maintain your position, but also analyze the bids, to increase and decrease the bid amount as per your budget and overall ROI.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Ads

We monitor your ads daily and evaluate and analyze their performance. We check the number of clicks your ads are receiving, and how many of them are converting to patients. Our team identifies keywords that are used most often by searchers and that drive targeted patients to your dental practice.

Campaign Progress Reports

Every Month our SEM — PPC ad team will review your SEM — PPC campaigns. We will review your campaign by the following parameters:

  • Total Clicks
  • Specific Keyword Clicks
  • Number of Impressions

Are you ready for your dental practice to grow?

If you are ready to drive new patients to your website and dental practice, then give us a call at (888) 292-2158 or request a free quote today to see how we can help your dental practice grow!

You won’t get new patients if they can’t find you!

Your dental practice needs to be where patients are looking! People don't buy what they can't see. If you are not on the first page of Google and the major search engines... You are invisible!

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