How Does Google Reviews Impact a Dental Practice?

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When it comes to Google Reviews, dental practices are impacted by the amount and type of reviews they receive. If your practice isn’t rating well or pales in comparison to a local competitor, you could miss out on the 90% of people that read reviews before visiting a place. People don’t scroll very far and they do check ratings and reviews, so Google results are incredibly important. For more information on why Google reviews will impact your dental practice, keep reading.

People Do Check Google Stars

When it comes to Facebook likes, studies show that people don’t actually pay too much attention beyond a few hundred. But the same can’t be said for Google Reviews.

When it comes to stars and reviews on Google, people do pay attention to the number.

The more positive ratings will not only rank your dental practice higher than others, but it’s also something that people look for.

Think about it, would you be more likely to go to a place that has 418 4.5 star reviews, or a place that has 11 4.5 star reviews?

How Google Reviews Affect Dental Practice

Obviously, you’d pick the one with more credibility.

Even if your practice has renowned doctors with the highest levels of expertise, if you have a fraction of the stars as the practice down the street then people aren’t going to give your place a second glance.

People Do Read Google Reviews

Did you know that 97% of people read reviews before even considering a local place? Take a moment to reread that statistic.

When you go to visit a restaurant or purchase a product, do you check what other people are saying about it first? Chances are you do, and the same is true when people are looking for a new dental practice.

If you have less than 10 reviews, people probably won’t give your dental practice much credibility. Ten people saying things like, “Great service!”, “Nice facility!”, “Friendly staff!” are helpful, but they’re not enough…

Now imagine 100 people. And now 400 people.

Mixed into those 400 reviews will be comments that are more in-depth too. Things about how people’s procedures went, what they’re thankful for, why others should visit and so on all become testimonials that populate your google page.

The more positive reviews with commentary, the more likely your practices is to get noticed by others and by Google in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

At Practice Maximization, we can get you more reviews. Our strategies help with long-form reviews as well, and we know how to get the attention of google recognized local guides to boost your reputation as well.

People Don’t Scroll Far

When you Google something, how many times do you visit the third page? What about the second page?

Truth is, people barely make it through the first page.

If your dental practice doesn’t appear in the upper half of the first page of Google, the likelihood of someone checking it out drops 91.5%.

This is also relevant in terms of mobile web development. Some studies show how people won’t typically scroll more than 5 times.

Good Google reviews can help get your dental practice on the first page of Google, so people don’t have to scroll to find it. Most people click the first, second, or third website after searching something on google, does your practice place that high?

Creates Opportunities For Future Marketing

Positive reviews don’t only benefit you on Google, they can continue to benefit your dental practice in a few other ways as well. Here are just a few ideas we can help with:

  • Turning written testimonials into video testimonials
  • Shaping your brand story based on patient feedback
  • Targeting a specific audience based on patient feedback
  • Creating branding material that showcases positive experiences
  • Building credibility among other practices by letting your patients talk for you

Google reviews are multimodal in that they don’t just sit on Google and point people toward your site. They’re a resource that can be continually harvested, you just have to make sure they continue to grow.

As a professional marketing agency, we have dental marketing experience and have gotten individual dental practices hundreds of reviews. If you’re ready to bring more traffic to your website, resulting in more patients in your office, then consider the value of Google reviews.

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