4 Important Things to Know About Google Plus

4 Important Things To Know About Google Plus

While Google Plus may not be as popular as other social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, it is still a powerful tool to increase your dental practice's ranking on Google's search results.

At Practice Maximization, we recognize the potential of Google+, which is why we highly recommend our clients incorporate it into their social media strategy.

Throughout its years of existence, Google Plus has consistently been a leader in user advancements like the use of streaming video, varied image size, and in-stream GIFs. Unable to maintain a user base like Facebook, Google Plus has become more of a social layer in Google’s collection of tools, rather than a social network. At Practice Maximization, we can help your dental practice take advantage of Google Plus so your dental website's SEO can outperform the competition. Here are four important things you should know about Google Plus.

1. Google Plus Reviews are Important

Your practice’s reputation on Google Plus affects Google’s search results, especially in the local search carousel. The number of  +1’s on Google Plus, similar to “likes” on Facebook, is a large influencer in the local search carousel. Even more powerful than the number of +1’s are Google Plus reviews.

Also a top ranking factor in Google’s local search results, reviews remain an important influencer and factor in a business’s online reputation. Online reviews act as testimonials and are extremely influential in the client’s decision making process. In fact, over 80% of patients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Seeing reviews (or no reviews) from Google+ in the local search results can mean the difference between gaining a new patient or losing them to your competition.

2. Treat Google Plus like Social Media

The same principles of social media best practices should be applied to Google Plus because it is a social platform. Some of social media best practices can be found here courtesy of Moz.

Content can be shared and posted on Google Plus very similarly to Facebook. So don’t be intimidated by the idea of using a different social platform. It has been proven that users are more likely to share content when they feel they have discovered it for themselves. Google Plus gives more control to the user, which translates into what they see and discover.

Most importantly, you should remember to provide quality content and to be personable. Even though Google Plus interactions happen online, this doesn't mean that they aren't valuable experiences for your future patients.

3. Optimize Your Google Plus Page for Search

Some simple things can be done to better optimize your Google Plus page. Link other social profiles and websites to your Google+ page to make your page more accessible and rank higher in search results.

When your Google Plus page appears in search results, its meta description is typically made up of the first 160 characters in the tagline and the introduction of your page. Keep in mind that portions of your introduction will be used to describe your page in search results.

In search results, content is still king. Quality content creation and sharing is still the best way to give your page its best chance of performing well in search. Create search-worthy headlines for your content. Content headlines will appear as search result titles, so be sure to name headlines with keyword strings and phrases.

4. Add Photos and Logos

Take the time to fully fill out your Google Plus page. Your page should match your practice’s branding standards. Be sure to include your logo and up-to-date photos to your page and with your content. By providing photos for Google to use in local search results, you control your online reputation. When no photos are posted to your dental practice’s page, your practice is vulnerable to misrepresentation and the possibility of inaccurate photos being displayed with your information.

Be proactive in protecting your dental practice’s online reputation by providing photos and logos for search engines to display.

The idea of maintaining another social profile may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be when you work with Practice Maximization. Social media best practices remain the same and the return on investment can be seen in local search results and an increased number of new patients. With more importance on local search than ever before, a maintained Google Plus page is a must. Call us today at (888) 292-2158 or go here for a free consultation!

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